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LABSA (Linear Alkyl Benzene Surfactant Sulfonic Acid) chemicals for making liquid soap Appearance

is brown sticky liquid,The product has the action of detergency, moistening, foaming, emulsion, dispersion

and brown viscous fluid in appearance with acidity. It is non-flammable, quickly dissolved in water, not

dissolved in normal organic solvent. The product has strong absorbency. it would be unclear viscous liquid

after absorbed water.

ItemSpecificationMeasuring Method
First class qualityQualified product
Alkyl benzene Sulfonate(%)≥96.0≥96.0GB/T 5173
Color Klett20 Max40MaxGB/T 8447
Free Oil (%)1.5Max1.8MaxGB/T 8447
Sulfuric Acid (%)1.5 Max1.5MaxGB/T 8447
Chemical FormulaR-C6H4-SO3H
Appearance 25°CThe viscous liquid with pale yellow and brown
CAS No.27176-87-0


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