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ABS Resin

ABS Resin


ABS is the terpolymer of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene. SAN is the bipolymer of Acrylonitrile-Styrene. Each of the three components possesses certain functions. Acrylonitrile provides chemical resistance and hardness, Butadiene contributes toughness and impact strength; Styrene offers gloss and process-ability. Combining the above characteristics, ABS is now the most popular and economical Engineering Plastic.

ABS Properties:

1.ABS resin has the characteristics of high strength, low weight. Appearance of opaque, is light ivory, non-toxic, tasteless,

2.ABS resin   has both the characteristics of tough, hard, just slow combustion, the flame is yellow, have black smoke, plastic softening after burning, burning, issued a special smell of cinnamon, but no molten dripping phenomenon. Is one of a common engineering plastics.


ABS Grade:

  •    General Purpose Grade

  •    Jet Black General Grade

  •    High Flow Grade

  •    Extrusion Grade

  •    Heat resistant Grade

  •    Metal Plating Grade

  •    Transparent Grade

  •    Self extinguishing Grade


ABS resin largest application areas are the automotive, electronics and building materials.

The automobile industry:   Automotive instrument panels, exterior body panels, interior panels, steering wheel, panels, door locks, bumpers, ventilation tubes etc.

Electrical aspects:   Widely used in refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, copiers and other electronic appliances.

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